Laur Silicone will match the properties you need to your application. The first practical silicone rubbers were introduced in the mid 1940’s. Since then, continual improvements have been made. Today a broad range of physical properties are available, including:

Useful Temperature Range-175 ºF to 500+ ºF
Hardness, Shore A20 to 90
Tensile Strength, psiup to 1,600
Elongation, %up to 1,000
Tear Resistance, ppiup to 300
Compression Set, %down to 8
Specific Gravity1.0 to 2.1
Volume Resistivity, Ohm-cm1015 to 1017
Electric Strength, volt/mil600 to 650
Dielectric Constant (60 cps)3.0 to 3.5
In addition to these properties silicone rubber also offers: long service life, inertness, and good chemical, weather, flame, and radiation resistance. We at Laur Silicone are proud to have played a part in these improvements, and remain committed to further progress.