Convenient Silicone Compound Packaging Solutions

Laur Silicone is committed to not just delivering superior quality silicone compounds, but also ensuring the convenience of our customers. We offer a range of packaging options from mill packages to preforming and calendering, designed to simplify your process, improve efficiency, and minimize waste.

Packaging: Strip Form, Slab, Calendered

This material is a 24” calendered sheet. We can calender material up to 27” wide with several options of thickness.

Laur Silicone

We developed this preform to help a customer with a processing problem. Shown in the inset is a dividable sheet where each strip is equivalent to the others. If you have a particular processing problem with material, we can help you solve it.

Laur Silicone

This preform is a 2” x 1/2” coil. The preform on the left is a much narrower coil that can be split into three narrow strips. Preforms can be supplied dusted or coiled with poly strip dividers.